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Understanding The Terms You May Come Across In Your Legal Matter
Processes and requirements may vary between each matter, but there is an underlying commonality that links everything together – the terms used. For anyone with a first time offence or limited exposure to the judicial system, it can feel like information overload and trying to remember what every term means only adds to the stress....
The Importance Of Having A Lawyer – Even When Pleading Guilty
If you have decided to plead guilty, you may be wondering if there is any point to hiring a lawyer. There can be serious consequences for a guilty charge and it pays to have an experienced lawyer on your side, guiding you through the process and working to ensure that your penalty places as little...
Attending Brisbane Magistrates Court For Drug/Drink Driving
Going to court for the first time can be daunting. Unless you have been to the Brisbane Magistrate Court before or know someone who has, you’ll most likely have no idea what to expect, where to go or what to do. The thought of the unknown is what many find so nerve-wracking. Hiring an experienced...
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