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Donnelly Law Group and in particular, DD Lawyers did a fantastic job with my case. They handled everything and made a trying time quite seamless. I was facing a high-range charge which ended up being reduced to a low-range with minimal time and charge. I highly recommend this awesome team if you’re in need of representation.

Gold Coast
Group 191

I highly recommend Chris Blaine and Donnelly Law Group for anyone in need of legal representation. From the very beginning Chris was able to communicate the intricacies of the law in a clear and concise manner that instilled confidence that I was in very capable hands.

Throughout my case Chris kept me involved and informed at every stage. Chris was professional but more than that he showed a sincere interest in my wellbeing. Thanks to Chris I achieved a result that exceeded my expectations and I could not have asked for a better advocate throughout the process.

I would not hesitate to call on Chris again I have any need for legal services.

The Geraghty Family
Group 191

I couldn’t be more grateful for the outstanding legal representation I received from Hayden and his team. I was facing serious drink driving charges, but they managed to get all charges dropped. Their dedication and commitment to my case truly went above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Hayden to anyone in need of exceptional legal support. Thank you for your expertise and unwavering support during a challenging time.

Paul Maka
Group 191

Had Joshua and got the result I wanted, quick court case, he went beyond what was needed. Hopefully won’t need again. Would recommend Donnelly law. Worth the price thanks

Roy P
Group 191

I highly recommend Cade Banitt from Donnelly Law Group. I couldn’t be more pleased with the service I received. He was professional, knowledgeable, reliable and always available to answer any questions I had at his nearest convenience. His expertise in the field was evident and went above and beyond to ensure that my case was handled properly which gave the best outcome of winning my case. I felt confident in his abilities and appreciated the commitment to my case. This is the second time I’ve reached out to Donnelly Law Group and they did not let me down. The reception staff were really great to deal with. Very affordable for the best outcomes. Keep up the good work DLG!! I’d give 6 stars of I could.

Corey Dunning
Group 191

The lawyer was very professional. The firm was easy to work with and replied to everything within minutes. Fair pricing for the job.very good outcome.

Luke Staines
Group 191

I would like to thank Cade for his outstanding work representing me. Good communication, knowledgeable and extremely professional. Made a stressful time a lot more manageable and achieved the best possible result.

Danny Dewar
Group 191

I would Highly recommend Hayden Geddes from Donnelly Law, He has helped me with past legal endeavours in a quick and professional manor. He has excellent communication skills and works hard to get the right result

Peter Naylor
Group 191

Thank you for the support provided by Donnelly Law Group. Cade’s knowledge and professionalism handled a stressful situation into a positive outcome and enabled me to keep my job. Thanks Cade and the team, I wouldn’t have known what to do without your skill and experience.

Jaime Adarraga
Group 191

I would highly recommend Donelly law group. I had Cade represent me in court and he achieved a far better outcome than was expected. Cades commitment and support is greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Darren Pynigar
Group 191

Donnelly Law Group was great! I’m was going to try and face my charges of drink driving alone but after talking with the solicitors I decided to go with them. So glad I did, I got the minimal charge of 1 month and a $350 fine. All the paperwork and the process was so easy and not stressful at all. Thank you guys!

Brendan Christensen
Group 191

10/10 highly recommended cade made an impossible outcome possible if your looking for good legal representation he is by far among the best there is

James Pen
Group 191

The legal representation that i received from Donnelly Law Group was excellent. They provided timely and expert advice and represented me well resulting in a brilliant outcome.

I was initially considering representing myself and I am so glad that I asked Donnelly Law Group to speak on my behalf. They made a remarkably complex process simple and provided me with a wealth of knowledge and resources that I would not have otherwise discovered.

I also had the opportunity to observe their team from the gallery as they represented a range of other clients. They consistently provided sound outcomes across a range of legal matters and robustly argued for their clients.

Pay Them. They’re worth it.

Sheldon Mac Ruari
Group 191

It helped me immensely lawyer was great had a good back story in regards to my incident and executed it in the best way possible will recommend Donnelly law group .

Group 191

Exceptional service, outstanding help every step of the way. Very professional and know exactly what they are doing and how to achieve the best result

Mitch S
Group 191

Can’t thank Hayden enough the for the amazing service. Highly recommended!
Cheers mate 👍

Matthew Mercer
Group 191

Delt with Cade, He was easy to deal with, and despite some setbacks outside either of our control, He managed to achieve a good outcome.

Sam Brennan
Group 191

Cade was a great lawyer. Got a better result then I could possibly imagine. Great work by everyone in the Law firm especially Cade

Luke Gibson
Group 191

I was very pleased with Chris’s work and effort to get me the best possible outcome.

Wes Vella
Group 191

We recently had to go through the process of applying for a hardship order for license. We had a few appt with a few lawyers and knew straight after consult with donnelly they were the ones we were choosing to represent. They took care of everything, answered questions and guided us through the process. Being its a one shot option i highly suggest getting a lawyer to go through it to have the best case put forward. We were lucky and recieved the license for work. Cannot speak highly enough of the work and support these guys have given through the process.

Emma Laurel
Group 191

Great service, Hayden Geddies was very professional, explained everything in an easy and understandable way and made the process simple.

Mitchell Everest
Group 191

I would like to say a huge thank you to George, John and the team at Donnelly Law Group service is professional. The results I got was way better than I was expecting they got me off the charges completely out of court. Definitely am recommending Donnelly Law Group to anyone and everyone. I won’t go anywhere else. If you need a lawyer definitely get in contact with Donnelly Law

Izaak Van Loon
Group 191

Hand downs the best law group to represent you. They have made my experience so easy and effortless. Guided me every step of the way & I am over the moon with my outcome. I was looking at a minimum two years without a licence and I have walked away with 12months and only $1,000 fine! The team at Donnelly Law Group are worth more money. I can not speak any more highly or thank them enough.
One extremely happy client.


Brooke Stokes
Group 191

I Personally prefer and recommend to choose “Nadine T.BEECHER”(lawyer) for your case to argue in court. She has an amazing skill to win the situations at court.
She made my day today.

She is very tallented and know how to put forward the right evidences infront of magistrate case by case when required. and also she will give you the guidence of what and what not to do infront of magistrate during the court time.

Overall she is one woman show in court (I have seen two cases infront of me on my court date. Both delt by “Nadine T.BEECHER”, and in both cases there was no conviction recorded). Its my live experience i have seen it and i have experienced it.

In one word if i say – “SHE IS AMAZING”. 10 out of 10


Teja Jonna
Group 191

I was treated with respect and felt a ease. Under my situation.

Annette Meiers
Group 191

Wow! After having my first interaction with a Law firm I must say I never expected the process to be so easy and user-friendly. The team at Donnelly Law helped me put behind a rather stressful situation. They were proactive in their approach and were always one step ahead. Especially since this was my first time, I really appreciated the extra time and care they invested to keep my mind at ease. Thank you once again George and team.

Digital Bravado
Group 191

I was represented by Cade Banditt who was very supportive and professional. I would happily recommend Cade to anyone needing legal advice in the future.

Thank you. For again

Chloe Short
Group 191

Very professional, caring and friendly. They Put my needs and best interests 1st and foremost

Brett Creed
Group 191

I highly recommend Donnelly Law Group for their exceptional team, professionalism, and unwavering support.

Tanjim Ul Islam
Group 191

If you’re looking for a Law Firm to handle your DUI offence, I highly recommend the Donnelly Law Group. Originally spoke with Mr Jacob Reichman, Law Clerk Donnelly Law Group. He spent over a hour on the phone going through all options and then emailed the process to receive the best outcome. All of this before I had paid a cent. His advice was spot on. Then as the court case drew closer we spoke with Mr George Harris, Administrator of the Donnelly Legal team and again was provided with compassionate and excellent service. The lawyer that represented us at court from the Donnelly Law Group followed through with everything Jacob and George said they would do.

Again, I recommend them, one other note there were NO hidden fees at the end, we paid the exact amount they provided in original quote.

Their fee’s are EXTREMELY reasonable and they provided a highly professional service.

Charles Long

Charles Long
Group 191

Tizane, George, Jacob and the team are excellent at their job.

My representing lawyer John put the prosecution into a corner where they thanked him infront of the court for correcting them regarding a clause in traffic law.
I came out with a far much more positive outcome than expected in Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Highly recommend!!

Matt Harris
Group 191

Helpful lawyers who can work with you on a short time span to get through court processes hassle free.

After calling 3 other lawyers I went with George and his team as they were the most affordable and experienced in traffic law. They got me the best out come possible when others said it was impossible.

Ellen Thomas
Group 191

If you are in need of a solid team to represent you in court or any other DUI related matters, this is definitely the team to go for. I was very impressed by their resilience and determination to get the best outcome for their clients. They most certainly exceeded my expectations and was more than pleased with the results. Worth every dollar!

Andrew Szopory
Group 191

What a great team. George and his team is A class. Resolved my driving matters in one case sitting and the result was second to none. They made the process easy and i would highly recomend the team. I will never be back ( no offence ) but i have learnt my lesson and i am moving forward in a positive direction. Thank you George and team for everything.

Ben Cadd
Group 191

I quickly searched Google and by luck came across Donelly Law. When I first arrived, I wasn’t sure what to anticipate (especially since I was not very experienced in these kind of matters). George was able to immediately calm my fears once we spoke.

Becky Daley
Group 191

I was engaged with Mark (and David) while supporting a friend who had found himself on the wrong side of the law. I was apprehensive, fearful for my friend, a first time offender, being presumed guilty and treated as criminal.

What I found was a lawyer, who is foremost, a compassionate human being. He treated my friend with respect, patience and empathy, in spite of the severity of the charges and made us all feel that we were in safe hands. He was always available and responsive, giving us regular feedback and guidance.

No one should ever be judged by the worst thing they’ve done and everyone should be given the opportunity to redeem themselves. Thankyou for your humanity Mark (and David).

You’ve given my friend a chance to start over and I cannot thank you enough.

Georgina Thobis
Group 191

I required the server of Donnelly Law group in a time of personal challenge. I accumulated excessive points loss from my driving licence and they, after going much further than expected at the same cost, secured a good outcome for my continued ability to drive a motor vehicle. I was in a relationship breakdown and Donnelly Law group ensured my case was adjourned on two occasions due to my personal struggle with my separation from my young family. Not only did Donnelly Law group accommodate my extra requirements of time and appearance at court but they also made me feel very comfortable through their empathetic understanding of my family scenario. In short, they not only did their job but, they far outwayed and totally surprised me with their friendly and true personal understanding. Thanks to the extreme Jacob, George and Channelle from Donnelly Law group

Michael willmington

Michael Willmington
Group 191

I had a great experience with donally lawyers they answered any questions I had and got me the best result I could of asked for. I’d highly recommend them to anyone facing drink driving offence very professional and well represented.

Guy Coleman
Group 191

I contacted George moments after I had found myself in a extremely difficult situation. I had been pulled over for speeding to then be informed my license was in fact suspended at the time for demit points. This came to me as a huge shock! Furthermore, a routine breath test put me down for a drink driving charge blowing 0.04 (No license put me over the limit)

The police officer then asked for me to hop out of the car and accompany him to the police station to undergo a breath analysis. However, this police officer was on a bike and unable to provide transport so he called a colleague to collect me.. When you think things couldn’t get any worse… at the time I was pulled over I was on the way to my Christmas party which was op shop themed. I was wearing A blue one piece swim suit and a fairy floss pink see through mini skirt along with a tiger print vest…. IN RUSH HOUR TRAFIC… ON THE MOTORWAY… with nothing else on underneath.

Leaving the police station with driving while disqualified and drink driving charges (blowing 0.023 for breath analysis) was very hard to digest.

I called George and explained the situation, I quickly realised the word process is his favorite word. A process for him indeed. Once we obtained my traffic history report, 4 demits had been accumulated under my license where I was not the driver (ex wife – No she is not my ex wife because of this reason). Thankfully, she agreed to sign statutory declarations and have those point return to their rightful owner. Once these point were removed from my license George then called Qld transport and had them reinstate my license so I can drive again for the time being. This was big relief as this happened over Christmas and new years, BUT my charges still remained. George filed a submission to have my charges dropped given the situation. One day, George called me and delivered the best news I have ever heard, my charges have been dropped and my license will carry on as nothing has happened.

I’m very thankful for all his hard work and keeping me on the road behind the wheel and off the motorway in peak hour traffic in woman’s clothing.

If you are not sure on who to choose… be sure that you have the best chance with these guys. don’t over think it… this review should give you the confidence you need. Against all odds I’m driving with my license today!

Marco Saba
Group 191

I cant thank Jacob and George from Donnelly law group enough. They absolutely delivered and got me the result I had hoped for. They both went above and beyond. I definitely recommend these guys if you want a good, down to earth solicitor that will fight for your rights. Thanks once again guys. Its very much appreciated all you have done for me.

Christiaan Robson
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